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May 31, 2023

GPT-3.5 Fixed Plan Now $4.99/seat/month!

GPT-3.5 Fixed Plan Price Update 📣

We're pleased to announce that starting today, Q, ChatGPT for Slack 🤖 has made a significant change to our GPT-3.5 fixed price plan. The cost has been reduced from $10/month to just $4.99/month. This change allows users to enjoy unlimited AI chat services at a more budget-friendly price.

Perfect for Occasional Users and Budget Seekers 🎈

The new price of our GPT-3.5 fixed-rate plan is ideal for those who don't use our service intensively but want it readily available when needed. Now, for only $4.99/month, incorporating AI into your daily life has never been easier or more affordable.

Existing GPT-3.5 Fixed Plan Customers 📢

To our existing GPT-3.5 fixed-rate plan customers, your plans will automatically be switched to the new lower price. Please check your status at our customer portal on the website. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

For More Information 📝

Please visit our pricing page for more details: Q pricing page

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Q, ChatGPT for Slack!

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