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June 14, 2023

Trial's First Day Upgraded to GPT-4 for a Limited Time 🚀

Embarking on a New Journey 🚀

Greetings to all innovators and enthusiasts! It's Hiroshi Nishio here, your friendly neighborhood marketer for Q, ChatGPT for Slack. Today, I'm delighted to announce an exciting opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss!

What's the Buzz About? 🤔

You've known us for our 7-day free trial campaigns where we let you use AI model GPT-3.5. But you must be wondering, why not GPT-4? Well, it's no secret that GPT-4 costs 20 times more than GPT-3.5. We've heard your voices asking for GPT-4's higher quality, and we've been thinking hard about how we can deliver this to you without breaking the bank.

So here we are, taking a bold leap! We've decided to let you experience GPT-4 on the first day of your free trial 🎁.

Why This Matters? 🧐

Even in the background of this blog post, GPT-4 is at work. It's capable of creating quality content and translating it into various languages including German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. Furthermore, GPT-4 handles our plugins better than GPT-3.5, which are also available for free during your trial.

Our past experiences tell us that many users complete the trial with GPT-3.5 without understanding the full potential of GPT-4, resulting in missed subscriptions. We believe this is a significant loss and want to prevent it from happening again. Thus, we've started this campaign not because the cost issue has been resolved, but because we genuinely want you to experience GPT-4 at least once.

How to Get on Board? ⚓️

The offer started on Monday, and we expect it to last until the end of this week, depending on the budget. We encourage you to try it out while it lasts. If you're satisfied with the quality, do consider subscribing for your team.

Wrapping Up 🎈

This initiative was made possible by the continuous efforts of our dedicated team and the indispensable technologies we used, specifically Slack Bolt for JavaScript (@SlackAPI and @SlackHQ) and OpenAI API (@OpenAI).

I hope this blog finds you well, and you're as excited as we are about this opportunity. Keep up to date with our latest happenings on our blog, Twitter, and YouTube. Let's continue to innovate and elevate together!

14-days free trial.
No credit card required.
The first day of the trial is GPT-4!

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