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July 18, 2023

New Feature: Member Assignment and Multi-Model Use

Hello Q, ChatGPT for Slack users! 😃 This is Hiroshi Nishio, in charge of marketing and PR. Today, I am thrilled to announce some wonderful updates to our member settings.

Member Settings Page

Specified Member Settings 🎯

Previously, member usage was determined based on the usage order within each billing month. This often led to "Q, ChatGPT for Slack" being used only by specific users privately or on specific private channels.

  • But, no more! Now, you can specify your members, freeing you from these restrictions.
  • If you didn't assign all the sheets, don't worry! The available users for the remaining sheets will still be determined by the usage order within the billing month, just as before.

Mixing Models 🔄

Another fascinating feature is the ability to mix models! This allows you to customize the AI model used depending on the member. Which model is used will be displayed at the time of use.

  • Want to mix cost-effective GPT-3.5 with high-quality GPT-4? Now you can!
  • You can also fulfill your needs for handling long texts by mixing the GPT-3.5 16K plan.
  • And the best part? These changes can be done with just one click on our member settings! 🖱️

A Gentle Reminder ⚠️

While these updates greatly enhance flexibility, please note that there are no initial authorization settings. This means anyone can change these settings if they want. But unless you provide the URL and instructions, it's unlikely that members in your workspace will discover these features on their own.


The path to optimal productivity with Q, ChatGPT for Slack is now smoother than ever with our new specified member settings and mixed model use features. Enjoy tailoring your experience to fit your needs!

Remember to stay updated with our latest news and features at our blog and feel free to try, install, or learn more about our pricing. These features were developed with the help of Stripe API and Slack Bolt for JavaScript. Stay tuned for more enhancements in the future! You can also find us on Twitter and YouTube.

Until next time! 🚀

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