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January 20, 2024

Introducing In-Slack Search: Harness Your Channel History

Harness the power of your Slack history with In-Slack Search

Introducing In-Slack Search

Are you tired of scrolling through endless Slack messages to find that one piece of information? Do you frequently get asked the same questions in your Slack workspace? The latest feature from "Q, ChatGPT for Slack" is here to revolutionize how you retrieve information from your Slack history.

How to enable In-Slack Search

We currently have a limited number of workspaces available, please contact us ( if you are interested.

  1. Log in on our homepage (here).
  2. Go to the external integration settings page (here).
  3. Click the button to integrate with Slack.
  4. Engage with Q as you normally would.
  5. Q will search inside a channel where you asked a question if necessary. Q will not search outside of the channel where you asked a question.

Since this is your personal setting, turning it on or off does not affect other user settings. On the contrary, in order for other users to turn on Slack search, they must turn it on themselves.

The Problems It Solves

  • Repetitive Queries: Say goodbye to the days of answering the same questions repeatedly. Once members enable this integration, Q will take over, providing answers based on the channel history where the question was asked.
  • Maximizing Slack History: Turn your Slack interactions into an asset. With this integration, your historical data isn't just a record — it's a resource.
  • Slack vs Microsoft Teams Dilemma: If you're considering whether to use Teams or Slack, this feature might just tip the scales in Slack's favor.

Privacy First

Again, we respect your privacy. That's why this feature is available exclusively for the channel where the question was asked only. The Slack API itself does not provide a query that searches only for public channels, so Q searches only for channels where the user has asked a question.

Also, in DM groups and direct messages (DMs), this function is not available.

The In-Slack Search feature is a testament to our commitment to balancing convenience with privacy. Try it out and transform your Slack experience!

For updates on new releases and more, follow us on Twitter and check out our YouTube channel. Don't miss out on maximizing your productivity with "Q, ChatGPT for Slack"!

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